No Out of Pocket Expense


No Out of Pocket Expense

That is right, homeowners will not have to write a check or spend a dollar to cover the renovations. Home Improvement Realty will conduct a careful, free evaluation of your property to determine if we are a good match to work together.

After the evaluation we will lay out a detailed plan including what renovations will be required to achieve an increased sales price. We will provide you with your current market price, a budget for the suggested renovation, a projected post renovation sales price and the estimated increased net return to the seller.

Once you decide to work with us we truly become partners with the same goal of obtaining the highest sales price. Home Improvement Realty will front all the costs of the renovation, materials, labor, permits, fees. Home Improvement Realty will then pay for all the marketing expenses to sell the property. The construction and Real Estate costs will be dispersed from escrow at the closing at the same time the seller receives their money.

Most properties work with our formula, but not everyone. We, like you, are in the business of making money not losing it. We will not sign a contract with you if we do not see the feasibility of renovating a property with a budget that will ensure we are paid back and the seller nets a greater return than selling at the current market value.

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